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According to The World Bank, 9% of electricity generated in Canada is lost through transmission and distribution systems. Fossil fuel arguments aside, this means that even ‘green’ energies like wind, hydro, and solar are subject to needless inefficiencies at the utility scale.

This is why, at Solar Panel Power Canada (is now EnergyHub.org), we firmly believe community-owned solar generation is the only path towards a truly sustainable future.

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Solar Panel Power Canada at the 2017 Brett Wilson i3 Idea Challenge (competing finalist)


Solar Panel Power Canada (is now EnergyHub.org) partners with top-rated local solar companies around the country to provide home-owners with up-to-date solar information as well as free and accurate cost estimates to inform purchasing decisions.


To bring the citizens of Canada into a sustainable future by offering the services necessary to enable energy sovereignty.


A country where every community produces the energy it consumes.

Major Milestones

  • Project Launch (May 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Saskatchewan (May 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Prince Edward Island (June 2018)
  • #1 Most visited solar information website in Newfoundland & Labrador (July 2018)

Solar Installation Partners

Solar Panel Power Canada works with only a select handful of top-rated, local solar providers around the country. Each installation partner is meticulously chosen and has all of the following qualifications:

Customer Feedback

  • Verified Google Business Listing
  • Verified Facebook Business Page
  • At least 5 Positive Facebook/Google Reviews
  • 4.5+ Average Rating on Google and Facebook
  • BBB, CanSIA, or B Corporation registered

Support & Reliability

  • Human-Answered Phone Number
  • Email Reply In Less Than 24 Hours
  • User Friendly Website With Real Project Photos
  • Physical Business Location
  • In Business For 3+ Years

Apply To Be An Installer

Ratings & Rankings

Every year, we rank every province in territory in Canada on the major factors that affect a person’s ability to install a solar power system. Here are the factors that we assessed in 2018, including the scores attributed to each:

Total Score /15

Solar Power Canada

Total scores range from 7.7 (Newfoundland and Labrador) to 11.9 (British Columbia)

Utility /5

  • Average Electricity Cost /2
  • Average Fixed Monthly Charges /2
  • Interconnection Fees /0.5
  • Net Meter Fees /0.5

Scores range from 3.2 (Newfoundland and Labrador) to 4.5 (Nunavut)

Incentives /5

  • Rebates & Tax Credits /2
  • Performance Payments /2
  • Other Tax Exceptions /1

Scores range from 1.2 (Nunavut) to 3.9 (British Columbia)

Policy /2

  • Solar Energy Goals /1
  • Renewable Energy Goals /1

Scores range from 0 (Nunavut) to 1.8 (Ontario)

Geography /3

  • Annual Average Solar Irradiation /3

Scores range from 1.8 (Yukon Territory, Newfoundland and Labrador) to 3.0 (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta)

Proposed Changes For 2019

There are several exciting site-wide changes that will be happening in January 2019. These include changes to provincial ranking factors, provincial solar guides, and the launch of our new platform: EnergyHub.org. Why not stay stay in touch…

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Careers & Contact

Rylan Urban
Rylan Urban, Founder & CEO. Contact via Linkedin. Follow on Twitter.

We are currently seeking a highly motivated CTO with extensive experience in web app development.

>Computer science / software engineer / mathematics background is a must.
>Demonstrable interest in sustainability and/or renewables highly preferred.
>Cash and/or equity compensation.

Please apply by sending letter of intent and resume to [email protected].

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