About Solar Panel Power Canada

According to The World Bank, 9% of electricity generated in Canada is lost through transmission and distribution systems. Fossil fuel arguments aside, this means that even ‘green’ energies like wind, hydro, and solar are subject to needless inefficiencies at the utility scale. This is why, at Solar Panel Power Canada, we firmly believe community-owned solar generation is the only path towards a truly sustainable future.


We are the connection between hard-working citizens, wild-eyed entrepreneurs, and star-bound ideas in the Great White North.


To bring the citizens of Canada into a sustainable future by offering the services necessary to enable energy sovereignty.


A country where every community produces the energy it consumes.

Major Goals

  • To be the most visited solar information website in Canada by May 1st, 2020
  • To make the customer-installer connection for 50% of all non-utility scale solar installations in Canada by May 1st, 2021

Ratings & Rankings

Every year, we hire Canadian university students to research major factors that affect a person’s ability to begin generating solar power in their home province.

Here are the factors that we assess, including the scores attributed to each:

Incentives /5

Scores range from 1.2 (Nunavut) to 3.9 (British Columbia)

Utility /5

  • Average Electricity Cost /2
  • Average Fixed Monthly Charges /2
  • Interconnection Fees /0.5
  • Net Meter Fees /0.5

Scores range from 3.2 (Newfoundland and Labrador) to 4.5 (Nunavut)

Geography /3

Scores range from 1.8 (Yukon Territory, Newfoundland and Labrador) to 3.0 (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta)

Policy /2

  • Solar Energy Goals /1
  • Renewable Energy Goals /1

Scores range from 0 (Nunavut) to 1.8 (Ontario)

Total Score /15

Once a total score is generated, the provinces and territories are then ranked against each other.

Total scores range from 7.7 (Newfoundland and Labrador) to 11.9 (British Columbia)

Provincial Solar Guides

Each provincial solar guide is a collection of the information that we generate from rating & ranking research, along with any amount of odd, useful, or otherwise interesting information.

Community Blog

Do you have an interesting idea for a blog post? We allow any reader to submit written material for publication on the Solar Panel Power Canada blog. There is no cost for publication*, however we ask that you follow the following guidelines:

Length. At least 750 words is required . Image & Video. At least 1 is required, more is better. References. Must include at least 1, more is better. Bio. At the end of the post, we allow a 150 word personal bio along with a link to your personal social media or website if applicable.

If you’re interested in submitted a blog post, please fill out our contact form. We will then send you an email address where you can send your material.

*Please note than companies wishing to sponsor content must follow these guidelines.

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