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Solar Power Ranked By Province:

Solar Power Canada

#6 Alberta (tied)

#6 Yukon Territory (tied)

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Solar Power Incentives: Rebates & Tax Credits

Solar Power Rebates and Tax Credits Canada

Rebates and tax credits are currently one of the most important factors when it comes to installing solar power as both offer a large incentive that reduces the initial cost of the system, decreasing the payback period and increasing the internal rate of return.

However, since several solar incentive programs are due to end in 2018 – the industry will have to find a way to install without them! See our Solar Incentives Page for more details.

Solar Power Incentives: Performance Programs

Net Metering Canada

Another common incentive offered by most utilities is a performance payment program. This is often referred to as ‘Net Metering’ or ‘Net Billing’ and allows you to earn credit for any energy that you produce. If you’re not investing in batteries then you’ll want to stay connected to the grid for back-up – thus a performance payment program is a must!

Programs differ by province depending on the rate that the electrical providers credit the energy, whether or not you get credit for excess power production (as opposed to just off-setting your bill), and the frequency and timeliness of your ‘anniversary date’. See our Solar Incentives Page for more details.

Solar Energy Potential

Solar Energy Production Canada

A province’s solar potential is defined by how much energy an average solar system can produce during the course of a year. Energy production varies by region because of changes in weather, daylight, and temperature patterns. Check out our Solar Maps Page for a detailed breakdown of solar energy potential by province.

Solar energy production is also an important factor that goes into calculating the size of solar system you need and thus the total cost of your system. Size and price calculations are found in individual provincial solar power guides (see top of page) or you can check out the Solar Pricing Page for more information.

Renewable & Solar Energy Goals

Renewable Energy Goals Canada

Renewable energy goals are an important part of our provincial ranking system because they indicate the willingness of local governments to incentivize, support, and promote the adoption of solar power projects. This chart depicts each province’s renewable energy goals. Solar power goals are also mentioned within provincial guides.

Utility Policies & Rates

Electricity Prices Canada

Utilities play a major role (currently) in enabling the feasibility of solar power. For example, the higher the variable electricity costs the more a customer can save, while the higher the fixed costs, the less a customer can save (because these costs don’t go away if you’re staying connected to the grid)!

But these aren’t the only factors that matter, some utilities charge ‘interconnection study’ and ‘net meter’ fees, while others (like BC) don’t. This partially explains why BC ranks high despite low variable electricity rates. But keep in mind price isn’t everything, one of Solar Panel Power Canada’s core missions is to enable energy sovereignty.

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