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Rylan Urban

Solar Panel Power Canada is owned and operated by All Green Marketing Inc. All Green Marketing was founded by Rylan Urban in late 2015, and has since created and sold a premier solar marketing agency called Solar Sell Marketing.

Rylan has worked with nearly 30 residential solar installation companies across North America, from Florida to California to Saskatchewan. But after helping to build multiple 5-10 million dollar companies, he decided to start one of his own.

Solar Panel Power Canada is 100% Canadian owned and only hires Canadian university students. Rylan himself is student, planning on beginning a Masters of Science in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto in fall of 2018.

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Company Listings

Company Page

We allow solar companies to list their information on our Canadian Solar Companies page provided they meet the specified criteria:

  • Verified Google Business Listing
  • Verified Facebook Business Page
  • At least 5 Positive Facebook/Google Reviews
  • 4.0+ Average Rating on Google and Facebook

  • Human-Answered Phone Number
  • Email Reply In Less Than 24 Hours
  • User Friendly Website With Real Project Photos

There are limited listing opportunities by region, depending on local geography and population. This allows us to send a high volume of interested visitors to each solar installation company listed.

Listings are sold at a standard monthly rate regardless of service area. There is a minimum listing time of 6 months.

Customer Leads

After a customer fills out our contact form, their information is ultimately given to an appropriate installer in their service area. Provided you meet our requirements (same as above), you are eligible to purchase this information.

Customer information is sold on a ‘per lead’ basis. You may ‘return’ your lead for a new one for any one of six reasons:

  • Not a Homeowner
  • Bad Home Type (i.e. apartment)
  • Out of Service Area
  • Language Barrier
  • Disagreeable Customer (hostile, confused, didn’t fill out contact form)
  • Bad Phone Number

Content Sponsoring

Provincial Guides

If you meet the minimum listing requirements (above) and you are capable of servicing an entire province or territory, then you are eligible to sponsor content in the appropriate provincial solar guide. We currently allow three pieces of content to be sponsored in each guide:

  • Main Image – this is typically a ground mount photo, landscape orientation
  • 5 kW Install – this is typically a roof mounted photo, landscape orientation
  • Other Image – any install photo, landscape or portrait orientation

In return, we provide a direct link to your website under the image. This content placement typically drives more traffic than our standard company listings because of the high volume of people viewing our guides.

Placements can be sponsored for a standard monthly rate, depending on province. There is a minimum sponsorship time of 6 months.

*Please note, we comply with Google ‘link scheme’ guidelines and do not pass pagerank. This stipulation applies also applies to blog posts sponsoring. ‘Do follow’ links are only allowed on company listing page.

Blog Posts

While we let community members write blog posts freely (and link to their social media accounts or personal websites), we charge a one-time flat fee for companies and media outlets wanting to sponsor content.

Several guidelines exist for sponsored blog posts:

Length. At least 750 words is required . Image & Video. At least 1 is required, more is better. References. Must include at least 1, more is better. Bio. At the end of the post, we allow a 150 word company bio along with contact information and links to your website.

*Please note, links in the sponsored article will be live and connected to your site indefinitely, but we comply with Google ‘link scheme’ guidelines and do not pass pagerank. This stipulation applies to blog posts and provincial guide content sponsoring. ‘Do follow’ links are only allowed on company listing page.



You are welcome to use all graphics from on your public personal or business websites free of charge, as long as you reference the page that you retrieved it from by using a direct link to that page.

Failure to recognize original content with a clickable link will first result in a written notice, and then a legal copyright claim to your web hosting provider. If you need help complying with this stipulation, or if are unsure about your current use of our content, please contact us and we will provide assistance.

Print & Other Commercial Use

Our graphics are reserved for free use on public websites only.

If you wish to use our graphics in any other way (including but not limited to: online or printed quotes, brochures, information packages, trade-show displays), then permission must first be granted.

We typically charge a reasonable flat yearly rate to license our graphics. The rate is variable depending on use-case but typically doesn’t exceed $250. Please contact us for information.


Feel free you use any content on our website for any non-commercial, academic purposes (high school, college, university). Proper references should be given as to maintain academic honesty.


The traffic that we send to send to our partner companies are consistently their highest quality source of referral traffic.

Solar Marketing

Above is an image from Google Analytics of a solar installer listed on our company listings page. The customers we send them spend an average time of 4:54 on their sites (compared to 2:00 average) and view 3.78 pages per visit (compared to 1.98 average). You can expect a significant portion of these visitors to contact you!



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