DIY Solar Power Guide For Canada

(Boats, Cabins, Cars, Devices, RVs, Sheds, and More)

This page is a DIY guide for various small-scale solar applications. If you’re interested in solar for your home, we recommend reading your Provincial Solar Guide (another page) instead.

You can jump to your preferred topic by clicking on it below, otherwise continue reading as we explore DIY solar applications from the small scale to large scale.

Solar For Devices & 12V Batteries

Do It Yourself Solar Power Camping Devices Computer

Price: $2.80/Watt

Ready to Use: Two USB Ports (5V/2.4A) for all your devices, ten charging adapters for laptops (18V/5A), and alligator clips to charge any 12V battery (18V/5A).

If you’re looking for a versatile and durable (yet powerful) solar charger, this foldable monocrystalline panel by Allpowers is the best on the market. Its built-in charge controller allows for save and easy charging for charging all your devices on the go – while providing a fast charging option for your car, marine, or deep-cycle 12V batteries.

Believe it or not, our web and management teams use this solar charger to power our computers and phones at our outside work stations!

Solar for Boats

Coming Aug 2018

Solar for Cars

Coming Aug 2018

Solar for RV’s

Coming Sept 2018

Solar for Shed

Coming Sept 2018

Solar for Cabins

Coming Sept 2018

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